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Mission to the European Union and NATO
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The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) is responsible for:

• preventing the illegal movement of people across Australia’s border;

• regulating the movement of prohibited and restricted goods – such as drugs, firearms and weapons;

• processing international passengers and crew arriving into and departing from Australia by air or sea;

• processing international cargo and mail arriving into and leaving Australia by air and sea;

• collecting duties and taxes on imported goods;

• collecting trade statistics.

Penalties apply if prohibited items are not declared. ACBPS recommend that you seek relevant information in order to ensure that you will comply with Customs legislative requirements.

As a general rule to follow if you are unsure about an item, declare it.

The following links provide useful information if you are:

For further information about importing medications, please contact the Therapeutic Goods Administration  

The ACBPS is a member of the World Customs Organization (WCO) that promotes international co-operation in customs matters.

For information on any ACBPS matters, visit the website or send an email to the Customs and Border Protection Information and Support Centre

You can also contact us at the Embassy on:

For information about importing specific food, plant material or animal products please visit the Quarantine page of this website. You might also want to consult our Visas and migration  and Travelling to Australia sections too.